Geofence Marketing

This new technology has become popular with businesses looking to target high trafficked locations as well as their competitors’ locations. We as marketers are always looking to find new ways to put a business’s information in front of their target audience. Geofencing provides the opportunity to connect with people when they most likely to engage with an advertisement.


What Makes a Good Geofence Campaign?

Learn how you can make the best use geofencing for your business. All the best tips and tricks to producing the best performing geofence campaigns can be found here.

Location Targeting with Geofencing

An Inside Look at Geofencing

Reach your customers when they’re most open to your message–no matter where they are. This inside look at geofencing provides the ins and outs of the most effective location targeting option–geofencing.

New Targeting with Geofencing

Focus your advertising dollars on the individuals most likely to convert to sales. Reaching your best customers has never been this easy.

How does it work?

  • Define the location or multiple locations
  • Choose active dates for fence
  • Determine a call-to-action for the creative
  • Serve ads to mobile devices in the fence
  • Optimize for best performance
    • Show more on top performing apps
    • Increase exposure on top performing locations

How can you use it?

  • Custom Audiences - create an audience of people that are currently, or have previously entered an active geofenced location.
  • Competitor Locations - reach customers and prospects visiting competitor locations.
  • Customer Loyalty - connect with customers who have visited your business to continue and build relationships.
  • Event Targeting - target events with high concentrations of your target audience to serve specific, timely and relevant messages.