When it comes to building on your company’s local online marketing campaign, connecting via email is often a more direct and personal way to interact with your customers. That’s why putting an emphasis on email marketing is so important – because it allows for a targeted internet marketing campaign that goes straight to a consumer’s personal inbox.

“If you simply sell to customers when they happen to visit your site, you have an all-or-nothing chance of making a sale,” writes Aj Kumar in a recent article for Entrepreneur.com. “Should they leave without making a purchase, there’s no guarantee they’ll return later. But when you build an email list of current and potential customers, you can reach out repeatedly to your prospects with targeted messages.”

Kumar, who is also a co-founder of San Francisco-based marketing firm, Single Grain, suggests that one of the key aspects of gaining new email contacts is to make joining as easy as possible through online email opt-ins. Here are two spots where your company cannot forget to add opt-in forms:

1. Your company’s homepage. In addition to all its contact information (phone number, address, etc.), links to the company’s social media accounts and a link to its blog, the homepage should always have an opt-in form to allow curious customers to sign up for the email contact list. This allows them to receive information about your company’s latest products, sales and other events.

2. The checkout page. If you have an e-commerce website, chances are that your company already asks consumers for their emails, so that a confirmation email can be sent following the purchase of an item. Your company doesn’t want to send unsolicited emails, however, so include an opt-in that asks if they’d like to receive emails for discounts and special offers in the future.