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Utilizing Digital Intelligence

7/31/2014 - In the fast pace digital world we live in, where everyone seems to have a smartphone or tablet, it is imperative that our marketing decisions are based on what is working. How do you know what is working? What information do you already have to help you make these marketing decision, and do you know […]

Whole New World

7/24/2014 - Hello from Chris Bohlen, the most recent addition to the KeyMedia Team. After graduation from college, I had aspirations not that different from many other post-graduates. I basically wanted to be Don Drapper; with the intent of one day owning “my” own agency and managing it from a fishing boat in the Gulf. Today, I […]

Improve Local SEO with Google My Business

7/18/2014 - I would like to announce a new KeyMedia blog series. We’re going to be talking about local SEO and how it can add to your already existing digital marketing campaign. We’ll dive into what’s changing within search engines, how content can effect your rankings, and how social can be a driving factor in your SEO […]

Colors and marketing

7/1/2014 - There is an interesting relationship between colors and marketing that has a lot to do with the psychology of perception.