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How Social Media Affects Local SEO

9/29/2014 - Everyone uses social media and for good reason. It allows us to connect with people, businesses, and causes in a way we have never been able to before. It opens opportunities to experience new information, new ways of life, and to provide new exposure. Harnessing this new form of communication can provide exponential growth professionally […]

How Does Audience Targeting Work

9/22/2014 - In a previous blog post, I mentioned a couple examples of better audience profiling capabilities in order to target specific audiences. Males that live in a radius of 10 miles from New York with a Credit Score of 650 or higher, or Female Democrats that are registered voters in the Zip Code 94043. How is […]

What is Audience Targeting

9/15/2014 - What is Audience Targeting? To make it simple and clear, Audience Targeting is be the sum of many data points that allow us to identify and serve ads to a specific individual online. Those points can include: Contextual Targeting: This analyzes the content of each webpage to determine its specific topic (content) of the page […]