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Consumer Mobile Trends part Deux: Bank Easier

1/30/2015 - Technology has changed the way we bank. Who likes to go to into your local branch to deposit your check just to be up-sold to another checking account? No one, that’s who. Now, with online and mobile banking, you don’t need to sit though a half attempted sales pitch of nothingness. You now just take […]

7 Lessons Learned on the Way to the Top

1/27/2015 - Recently, I had heard that less than 2% of start-up businesses achieve $1 million in annual sales in their lifetime, let alone within the first couple of years. It is exciting to play in that elite group of businesses, but getting here was not easy; there were many sleepless nights, long days, calculated risks, and […]

Trends to Follow in 2015

1/23/2015 - Every New Year comes with a plan to get fit, eat right, and make better choices. Perhaps this year it’s time to rev up your marketing campaign and highlight a few assets you may have been overlooking last year. Digital efforts account for roughly 25% of all advertising dollars spent and are expected to increase […]

The Power of Programmatic Advertising

1/19/2015 - Programmatic Advertising is a fairly new trend. However, it is quite surprising how many people from the digital marketing industry underestimate it’s power. Through Programmatic Advertising, a business is able to target extremely specific individuals; as of this post there is no other online tool able to get as specific as Programmatic. Using traditional media […]

Consumer Mobile Trends: Constant Connection

1/15/2015 - You have a phone. I have a phone. We all have phones. For better or worse, it’s the way we communicate with the world. From now on, you’ll have a little noise maker in your pocket. Knowing this, we can start to focus on how to use them for the great opportunities they provide. They […]

My Next Stage: The Big Boy Job

1/9/2015 - We’ve all had those jobs that make us feel less than stellar. You work a part-time job, flip burgers, and fold t-shirts and for what? A big discount? Free food? A lowered respect for mankind? Whatever it may be, keep in mind these seemingly dead-end jobs are what will lead up to your first, Big […]

KeyMedia 2014: A Look Back

1/5/2015 - WOW, another year has concluded and a fresh, new adventure is starting! KeyMedia Solutions is entering it’s fifth year in business. Over the past four years, the KeyMedia team has seen continued growth and had the pleasure of increased travel for both business and pleasure. In 2014, destinations include France, The Dominic Republic, Canada, Texas, […]