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Wild Goose Chase

8/27/2015 - The landing page on your business’ website is just as important as any advertisement you’re planning to run. Businesses and marketers spend so much time creating advertisements to get people through to their website that if the landing page isn’t up to par then all that hard work was a just waste of time. An […]

Candidates and Their Digital Ads

8/25/2015 - Who will you be voting for next year? The November 2016 elections may seem like a long ways away, but for the world of politics, campaigning to become the next United States President is well underway. As Election Day begins to creep closer, we can expect to see the usual campaign ads come across our […]

Facebook’s New Live Feature

8/20/2015 - Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be behind the scenes of one of your favorite celebrity’s next big movie? How about what it’s like to walk down the red carpet to a Hollywood event? With live streaming apps, you can tune in and watch people all over the world as they broadcast their […]

The ABC’s of Google and Alphabet

8/19/2015 - Google’s co-founder Larry Page made the announcement that has many people wondering about the future of the world’s largest search engine. Early last week, Page announced that Google would become a subsidiary of the parent company called Alphabet. Both Page and Sergey Brin (Google’s other co-founder) echoed in a press release that they are both […]

The SEM Treasure Map

8/13/2015 - Have you ever wondered why your competitor’s information is showing up in search engines results page instead of yours? The answer could be that they are using SEM to increase their visibility in search. Although anyone can gain exposure through SEM, many people don’t realize how they can use it. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists […]

The “Agency’s Agency”

8/12/2015 - Recently, our CEO, Korena, was interviewed by the Sioux Falls Business Journal. The interview focused on how KeyMedia Solutions came to be and our desire for all businesses to be online. “The more that I knew, the more I felt a calling to help businesses better understand the options available to them and how the […]

Continuing Education is Key

8/6/2015 - Continuing your education is extremely important in all industries to stay on top of the latest advances in technology and trends. At KeyMedia Solutions, we are constantly taking webinars, conferences, classes, and training events to improve our operation. I recently had the pleasure of attending a very powerful and motivating conference in Las Vegas, where […]

A Look Back at Programmatic Advertising in 2014

8/5/2015 - Programmatic Advertising is one of the fastest growing tools for agencies in the marketing environment. With its advanced targeting capabilities and features like RTB, third-party data access, and mobile/video features, Programmatic Advertising is creating new opportunities for businesses to reach more of their target audience than ever before. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC […]