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Predicting Future Marketing Trends

9/29/2015 - The world of online marketing is an environment of constantly changing technology and trends. So, when articles get published predicting the future of Online Marketing, how can you take them seriously? I mean, how can someone predict the future of online marketing when everyone’s mind changes from month to month? The reality is that analyzing […]

The Auto Advertising Experiment

9/24/2015 - I’ve been in the market for a new car for a while now and since I work with online advertising, I decided to see how well local car dealers would try to win my business through their advertising. I wanted to see how they would target me in all mediums, specifically social marketing and display […]

Being Authentic on Social Media

9/17/2015 - You hear it a lot, “You need to be unique on social media! Stand out from the crowd!” But it’s easier said than done. It can be hard for some people to tap into their creativity and develop a quirky, unique way to make people stop scrolling and read their posts. But the fact is […]

The Google 5pecialist Challenge

9/16/2015 - We’re always excited to tell people about our team’s accomplishments. And today we’re proud to say that we have four 5pecialist on our staff. Ashley, Luke, Paul, and Tobaria passed all five Google Certification tests before the September 15th deadline. On August 14, Google announced the 5pecialist Challenge. To complete the challenge, we had to […]

Google Partners All-Star Event

9/10/2015 - Last week, Ashley and I had the opportunity to fly out to California to attend the Google Partners All-Star Event. The event consisted of three days of talks (and new logo unveil) from top Google advertisers speaking on Programmatic, search, and the power of video. We, and 500 of our close friends from 51 countries, […]

2015 Landy Award Finalist

9/3/2015 - It was a typical day in the office Tuesday afternoon; other than the usual hustle and bustle of a busy day in the KeyMedia Solutions building, nothing seem out of the ordinary. That is, until our Advertising Operation Manager Paul Cesar received an email. It was short, but to the point. The email informed us […]

Campaigning One Tweet at a Time

9/2/2015 - How many Twitter followers would President Abraham Lincoln have had when he was running for re-election in 1864? #VoteLincoln Okay, so maybe that’s a little ridiculous, but my point is that society’s use of social media is changing the way politicians think about their election campaigns. The candidates running for the 2016 presidential election are […]