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In-House or Partnership: Digital Marketing

2/25/2016 - All the pieces are in place: staff is hired, the store is open, and the website is done, now you need customers. You started the Facebook page to help get the word out and even have a small AdWords campaign going, but you might not have the results you hoped for. Advertising your business can […]

Our First 2016 Educational Event

2/23/2016 - Last year we spoke with over 130 people representing small to midsize businesses all across South Dakota and into Minnesota during our Cities on the Map Tour, and this year we’re looking to continue that conversation during our first educational event in 2016. Our seminar on Google AdWords and Analytics will be held tomorrow in […]

The Juggling Act

2/18/2016 - What is a juggling act? Some might say that it’s the act of throwing multiple objects in the air without letting them fall to the floor. Others might say that juggling is catching everything life has to throw at you and arranging them in such a way as to prevent chaos. Personally, I like the […]

How to Write Great Text Ads

2/16/2016 - Choosing keywords and writing text ads are the essential part of an SEM campaign, but if you’re wonder how you can set yourself apart from other ads, the answer doesn’t happen by itself.  What you’ll learn is that just like some keywords are better than others, there are also some ads that perform better than […]

Instagram’s Video Advertising Updates

2/11/2016 - And…….Action! Now more than ever is a great time for businesses to consider the benefits on video advertising. Videos are quickly taking over the digital advertising industry and now Instagram is taking a leap forward by extending the length of video ads on their platform from 30 to 60 seconds. So, what’s the big deal […]

Digital Advertising & Super Bowl 50

2/9/2016 - You may not have been able to fork out the $5 million to pay for a 30 second TV spot during this year’s Super Bowl, but there are some important advertising lessons you can learn from the companies that decided to craft commercials for the big event. There are very few events that pull in […]

3 Effective Pieces of Content

2/4/2016 - Content marketing has become a frequently used term to describe a business’s efforts to distribute influential information to their target audience in the hopes of generating leads and converting sales. But before you can start marketing your content, you need to create it first. This is a step that causes problems for a lot of […]

Google’s Candidate Cards

2/2/2016 - With the Iowa Caucus in the books, the 2016 Presidential election is officially underway. The candidates for this year’s elections have been taking advantage of new online advertising technology leading up to the first primary election. From Political Programmatic Advertising to Social Media Marketing, online campaigning tactics offer these candidates the chance to reach voters […]