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Work vs. Life and Balancing the Two

4/28/2016 - Every minute of every day, each person on this planet is experiencing a funny thing we like to call life. Different for everyone, but somehow, either directly or indirectly, connected to a larger community of people. Our lives consist of people, places, and responsibilities that define us as individuals and how we’re able co-exist on this […]

The 2016 Webby Award Winners

4/26/2016 - Early this morning, hundreds of people and brands found out their Webby fate when the complete list of 2016 Webby Award winners was released. These winners represent the best of the best the web has to offer. Their brains and creativity behind videos, web pages, and social movements are what fuel the revolutionary rise of the […]

How To Best Use Ad Extensions

4/21/2016 - One of the most underutilized tools in Google AdWords are ad extensions. AdWords’ ad extensions are a free tool that allows you to deliver relevant information to potential customers and take up more real estate on the search engine results page (SERP). You’re able to show additional links to your site, your location, phone number, […]

Four Facebook Changes After F8

4/19/2016 - Twelve years ago, Facebook registered its first users at Harvard University, with no idea how large the now popular social site would grow. Fast forward to present day, where over 1.23 billion people gather to interact with their friends, family, and favorite brands. Facebook would not be where it is today without innovation, which has given […]

What is the Online Sales Funnel?

4/14/2016 - No matter the industry, every business has their own version of a sales funnel or they have a process in place to generate more business. A sales funnel is an organized structure that refers to the buying process of new customers. It involves multiple touch points with various mediums such as sales reps, word of […]

Working with a Google Partner

4/12/2016 - Here at KeyMedia Solutions, we’re proud of all the hard work our employees have put towards becoming experts in this industry. Through research, conferences, and webinars, we’ve traveled across the country and learned from business leaders to ensure that we deliver the best quality service to our clients. One of the testaments to our hard work […]

Marketing for Mother’s Day

4/7/2016 - Mother’s Day is just shy of one month away, and the search for the perfect gift for the woman who gave you the gift of life is just beginning. On May 8th, millions of Americans will show their gratification to their moms with love, thanks, and of course, billions of dollars in gifts. In 2015, […]

This Year’s Webby Awards Nominations

4/5/2016 - The Oscars honor the best performances in film. The Grammys highlight the year’s best accomplishments in the music industry. Whether it’s film, music, literature, or any other industry, our society loves to identify the best of the best. We hand out trophies and hold award ceremonies to crown the champions in all industries. The Internet […]