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The Importance of Reports

7/28/2016 - In a recent meeting with our sales staff we discussed the particulars of several new business pushes in various states of planning and execution. This discussion — and the opportunity to focus on our own marketing lead me to consider the basics that we provide to our customers and partners. The Start It should come as no […]

This Blog Will Rank High

7/21/2016 - I hope this blog ranks well. I mean, there’s plenty of keywords and meta information, but you never know what search engines will decide. Yes, this blog is relevant and can be on the first page. No, there are too many cats and should be buried. But, if I follow the proper format and try […]

How to Handle the Haters

7/19/2016 - Businesses and brands reap many benefits from an active social media presence. Unfortunately, the personal connections that make social media special can also lead to uncomfortable negative comments on your page from disgruntled customers. No business or brand wants to see unhappy customers putting their name on blast for other potential customers to see. There’s […]

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

7/14/2016 - I Put Up a Fence Yesterday Fences, for years, have been used to clearly define the boundaries of one property from another. They have been used to keep people out of a commercial property or keep kids contained to their own yard. But I’m guessing the person who coined the phrase “good fences make good […]

Why We’re Going Crazy About Pokémon Go

7/12/2016 - They’re roaming around the town. They’re walking in the streets – mindless of their surroundings with only one thing on their minds. No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse and their not hungry for brains. It’s Pokémon Go and these people are on the hunt for Pokémon. The mobile app has only been available in the […]

How Gen Z is Eating Up Video

7/7/2016 - A little while ago I posted a blog about how the evolution of Generation Z is affecting the way we as a society interact with online resources. In the blog I discuss what it means to be a part of “Gen Z” and how growing up alongside technology has created a unique upbringing for these […]

How to Nail Fourth of July Advertising

7/5/2016 - The Fourth of July is over; that means the long weekend has come to an end and life in the office has begun once more. I apologize if that’s news to some of you, but for many of us, we had to trade in our trunks for dress pants and start our work week. But […]