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3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Affect Online Marketing

8/30/2016 -   Have you ever visited the grocery store and forgot how many eggs you had sitting in the refrigerator at home? With the EggMinder, you’ll never have to worry again! The EggMinder is a smart egg tray that lets you know how many eggs you have left in the fridge through its built-in WiFi connectivity […]

Google Analytics Basics Part 2

8/25/2016 - Google Analytics is a powerful tool that jams a lot of website data into one place. It’s an amazing resource to help you understand how your website and marketing campaigns are performing. But a lot of businesses don’t take full advantage of this free service. They don’t know how to determine which pieces of information […]

Are You Overkilling Your Marketing?

8/23/2016 - In the past few years, marketers have gained targeting insights they could only dream about decades ago. Data has been essential in shaping messaging, delivering advertisements, and driving sales. The digital advertising ability to target by narrow interests or demographics seems like the most practical and effective solution to the marketing woes of the past. […]

Pinterest – Awareness Campaigns

8/18/2016 - Pinterest may have just made a bid update without anyone knowing about it. The update was quiet; it wasn’t advertised and there was no announcement, presentation, or summit. What’s the update? Pinterest just rolled-out Awareness campaigns and here’s what you need to know about them. What are Awareness Campaigns? It was just another Wednesday morning […]

Case Study: Programmatic Advertising

8/17/2016 - We do the best we can to try and explain the technology we use here at KeyMedia Solutions, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. We understand that sometimes the best way to explain something is to provide an example. That’s why in this blog I’m including a case study of a Programmatic Advertising […]

What Exactly is Remarketing?

8/11/2016 -   Have you ever gone to a website and looked at something you thought about buying? You were strong enough to put down your credit card and leave without spending any money, but then something interesting happens. A few days later, you notice that product showing up in advertisements no matter where you go online. […]

Facebook’s Response to Clickbait Will Leave You Shocked

8/9/2016 - Spend five minutes on the internet and you’ll probably see an article heading like the one on this post.  Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike my title, Facebook’s response to clickbait will probably not leave you shocked, rattled, or even surprised. A clickbait article entices you to click with its mystery filled title- “A little […]

Winning Gold: 2016 Olympic Advertising

8/5/2016 - It’s that time of year again! Every couple of years we get to unite not only as a country but as a world. We come together with the spirit of competition. Today officially marks the opening of the XXXI Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. For the next two weeks, headlines will showcase underdog wins, gold medal […]

Google’s Expanded Text Ads – Is More Better?

8/2/2016 - It’s Time to Test Some PPC Ad Copy and Find Out. Expanded Text Ads are finally here. This is the first major change that Google has made to standard text ads in over a decade. So, while it may not seem that exciting to some, it is a pretty major change. What are Expanded Text […]