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Not Your Momma’s Mobile Marketing Event Recap

9/29/2016 - Just yesterday at 3:00 PM, people representing local businesses around the state stopped by our office to take part in our Mobile Marketing Training Event. The two hour event featured Google experts and members from our own KeyMedia Solutions team who talked about the importance and evolution of Mobile Marketing in today’s world. What I’d […]

The Hard Truth about Producing Content

9/27/2016 - Whether you’re in a business to business industry or a business that deals directly with customers, you’ve heard everyone say how important producing content is to your marketing strategy. Now I’m not saying I disagree with that, but if you think that you’re going to walk out of one meeting and say, “Okay everybody, let’s […]

Google Doodles Contest Open to K-12 Students

9/22/2016 -   Do you know a young artist? If so, Google may have the perfect opportunity for the next budding Picasso. The world’s largest search engine has opened their 4th Google Doodle contest for students in grades K-12 for this year. This year’s theme is “What I see for the future.” Students are asked to create […]


9/20/2016 - The hashtag is the social frenzy that has yet to die down. Baby pictures, workout statuses, and contest entries all are followed by hashtags, because in today’s social realm, nearly everyone uses hashtags. A quick browse on any social platform will show that the use of hashtags is still just as important and relevant in 2016 […]

Let your learning lead to action

9/15/2016 - Everyday life hands each one of us challenges and obstacles to overcome. As we learn from our experiences, we are able to grow as individuals and pick up on new ways to deal with situations in the future. We all strive to reach goals in our careers and personal life and sometimes fall short. You […]

Not Your Momma’s Mobile Marketing Event

9/13/2016 -   Mobile Marketing has become a corner stone of digital marketing in the past decade. The first form of Mobile Marketing ever shared was an advertisement served via Short Messaging Service (SMS) in 2000 on a basic cellphone. Since then, we’ve seen phones go from basic, to smart, to intelligent gadgets necessary in billions of […]

Ad Extensions: The Missing Link

9/8/2016 - Managing an SEM campaign can be a headache if you aren’t familiar with the things you should be doing to help your potential customers get to the checkout line faster. That’s why in today’s blog, I’m going to outline one tactic and it’s many features that you can implement today to help your campaign. Ad […]

The Shift to Mobile

9/6/2016 - Online advertising is becoming more popular, especially with more customers using their mobile devices on a regular basis. Companies of all sizes want to develop strong marketing campaigns and find new ways to implement mobile ads in their marketing strategy. As marketers, we need to tap into this technology and stand out above the fold. With […]