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Holiday Shopping Trends Focus on Mobile

11/30/2016 - For years, “Black Friday” was a unique event with shopping, deals, extended hours, and added holiday staff. Now the sales have extended to an entire “Shopping Holiday” weekend. Stores are opening later in the day on Thanksgiving after the turkey has been consumed. Deals extend throughout the four-day “shopping holiday” weekend and now include “Shop […]

Bad Content: The Latest Web Infection

11/22/2016 - We’ve all had that moment. You’re reading through a great article online, when suddenly you reach the end. Your world spins out of control as you see a promoted story titled “Your Cat May be Planning to Kill You, Here’s Why”, was everything you just read a lie? It’s difficult to trust the legitimacy of […]

Breaking Down the Digital Marketing Funnel

11/17/2016 - The journey a customer goes on to make a purchase is different than it was twenty years ago. Today, a purchase journey consists of multiple touch points, research, and stages. We call this path the marketing funnel. While every business has its own way of connecting with new customers, every business has some type of […]

WeChat: The Future of Super Apps

11/15/2016 - The apps Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp seem to be advancing rather quickly. PayPal recently expanded the opportunities in Facebook and Messenger by easily letting people link their PayPal account. Now people can pay and receive their receipts right through the platforms. This last week Facebook, which now has over 34,000 bots, opened up their […]

Korena Keys Joins the Forbes Agency Council

11/11/2016 -   KeyMedia Solutions CEO Korena Keys was recently accepted into the Forbes Agency Council – a highly selective, invitation only organization that promotes top advertising, media, and marketing executives. Forbes is one of the most iconic media companies in the world today. The company seeks to bring together professionals to share ideas and expertise within […]

How to Learn about Mobile Marketing

11/9/2016 - As marketers, it’s our job to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising technology and strategies. As a result, we’ve put together valuable information that can help businesses connect with more customers. This technology includes Programmatic Advertising, Remarketing, and Geofencing just to name a few. But the one advertising tactic that tops the charts is Mobile […]

The Pros and Cons of Instagram Advertising

11/3/2016 - Ah yes, Instagram – the platform we all know and love. Who hasn’t taken one look at their fresh cup of morning coffee and thought, “Wow, I need to show everyone how amazing this coffee is!” Believe it or not, but that sentence isn’t as unusual as you might think. As one of the world’s […]