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The Reverse Evolution of Social Media Platforms

9/28/2017 - Maybe you’ve realized it, maybe you haven’t. What was once a world of diversity and originality has slowly started to look like a bad case of déjà vu. I’m referring to the copy-cat culture that social platforms have created. They are rapidly becoming more similar to each other as each day passes. In a world […]

Are You Prepared for a Social Media Crisis?

9/26/2017 - *This post originally appeared on Forbes. To read the original, visit  Have you experienced a social media troll or seen unwanted solicitations appear on your Facebook page? Chances are good that if this has not yet happened to you, it will. Soon. So what do you do about it? Today, it is critical to […]

To Serve Man

9/21/2017 - Let me start by saying, no this is not a collection of recipes, so you can relax. For those of you who grew up watching the Twilight Zone, you probably got that reference and for those who didn’t, you should really watch the show. The Twilight Zone was the best TV series ever! The word […]

A-List Marketing: Run your Social like a Celebrity

9/14/2017 - You’ve set up your website, your Facebook business page, and have a list of a quality email addresses. You’ve been writing blog posts, sharing photos on your Facebook page, and pushing coupons out to your email list. But after that you feel a little bit lost. Is this marketing? The break-through opportunity with marketing online […]

Three Recommendations for Producing Content

9/7/2017 - No matter the industry you’re in, I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say how important producing content is to your marketing strategy. Today people want to watch videos, so we make videos. People want insider information about a certain industry, so we write whitepapers and case studies. The importance of useful content has never been higher. […]