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Mobile Search Killed the Desktop Star

10/26/2017 - Whether or not you understand the elaborate ins and outs of digital media, it isn’t hard to comprehend the impact mobile smartphones have made on our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become more than just an every-day care item. Today, they represent our connection to society around us. This connection hasn’t just changed how […]

Guest Blog: SDN – Email Spoofing: What It Is and How To Spot It

10/19/2017 - With the recent natural disasters in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, there seems to be an uptick in fraudulent activity. With that in mind, we bring you a recent blog from our friends at SDN Communications discussing how to spot fraudulent emails and ways to navigate around them. So, without further ado, we present Email spoofing: What […]

Has Facebook Become a Video Platform?

10/12/2017 - Let me start by asking you a question. When you think of Facebook, do you consider it a social media network or a video platform? If I were to ask you that question in 2015 you might say that Facebook is a social platform for people to write posts, engage with friends, and occasionally share […]