We saw many things happen in 2018. From the rise of streaming to the rebranding of Google Ads. This leaves me wondering what is come in the new year… Well, strap in because from my research, 2019 has the potential to be an exciting year for marketers!

Alexa, How Are People Searching?

During 2018, we noticed the change in how people were searching for things. Voice text has been on the rise and with more and more options/ opportunities to use voice search, we are noticing people are searching in a completely new fashion. Traditional keywords are falling to the way side and long-tail keywords are becoming more prominent. This means marketers are having to be more cognizant of what their potential customers are searching for. Now, I know some of you are asking yourself if voice search is that big? YES! According to ComScore, by 2020 voice searches will account for over 50 percent of all search activity. Since that is only one year away, stay ahead of the curve and be visible when your audience is searching for you.

Getting Out of  The Spam Folder!

People always say “This is the year emails die”. Emails aren’t dying and they won’t be dying anytime soon. People still read emails, give up their email for a coupon code, and even use it to communicate with some old friends. However, 2019 is the year we are getting out of the spam folder! Get personal and stand out. Grab the users attention and get them curious as to what the content of your email is. This could be who the email is from or a unique preheader. Once your potential customer is in the email, make them remember you by being different. According to Kyle Hendrick of Marketing Land, interactive content within emails is on the rise in 2019 and is a great way to get conversions. “The more brands allow subscribers to engage within emails in new ways – whether it’s a personality quiz or the ability to book hotels without leaving [the] email” says Hendrick, “the more engaged and ready to purchase subscribers will be with the brand.” So, this year try something new, personal, and interactive and let’s see what happens.

Video Killed The Banner Ad Star

In 2018, video was one of the most successful outlets for marketers. This trending is going to continue in 2019. No surprise there. In this digital world we live in, attention spans are short and videos are eye grabbing, fast paced, short and informative.  Wordstream reports that viewers will retain 95% of a message when it is consumed in video format! And Hubspot has reported that when a website has a video on a landing page, conversions increase by 80%! Video reigns supreme but for 2019, it will be those who get the most creative with their videos that will walk away successful. Make your videos interactive, imaginative, fast paced, and throw in a touch of personality and you will see the power of video this year.


These are three powerful yet simple predictions for this new year. When we put voice search, interactive emails, and video into action, this could be the year that sets you apart from your competition. Use those long-tail keywords to show up for you customer, get them excited when they see an email from you, and finally have them jumping for joy when they see one of your awesome videos. Here’s to a fantastic 2019!