What’s better than learning about 10 ways you can grow your business with some of today’s newest and most effective Online Advertising tools? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the same time! This Thursday, we’re hosting a Google Partner’s event where we’ll stream an online presentation from a Google expert about how you can grow your business online.

What I want to do in my blog today, is not just tell you about the event, but give you a sneak peek into what’s going to be covered during the presentation. Like I mentioned earlier, the presentation is titled, “10 Ways to Grow your Business Online,” and today I’m going to give you three of them.

Frederick Vallaeys

Before we get started, I want to take a second and introduce the man that will be giving the presentation. Frederick Vallaeys is an expert in the online marketing field, and was an early employee at Google where he was instrumental in growing the AdWords search marketing system. Most recently, he is a Google’s AdWords Evangelist, helping advertisers learn about which Google products are best to support their marketing goals.

Frederick’s presentation on Thursday will focus on the tools that you can use through Google to promote your brand and your products to the people interested in your business.


Give customers the right info to connect

The first way to grow your business online that I’m going to be talking about today is about the business information that you’re putting online. Make it easy for customers to connect with your business by giving them the information and the right time and in the right format so they’ll be more likely to reach out to you.

“50% of consumers visit a store within a day of searching on a smartphone.”

One of the biggest drivers behind this trend has been the growth of Mobile Advertising. Because mobile has become bigger than desktop, features like call-only ads and responsive designs templates have proven to attract more customers by making a business appealing on mobile devices.

Advertise when you need it most

Have you ever heard the phrase “timing is everything”? Well, it’s true. In an effective marketing strategy, multiple advertisements working together will perform better than one ad standing alone. It’s important to note here that I’m not just talking about all the different online ads you have running. Optimizing your online ads to run in accordance with your other traditional efforts can boost both their performance and increase interaction rates.

AdWords Scripts allows you to change the bids on your ads for a short duration when your TV or radio ads are running as well. This multiple platform saturation increases your brand presence not just online and offline, but is more likely to be seen by customers when they’re most receptive to your ads.

Reconnect with prospects

The last way to grow your business online that I’m going to give you today is how you can target prospects who have already shown interest in your business and convert them to customers. Google offers features like Remarketing and Customer Match that allows you to create and target customer audiences based on a person’s interactions with your business.

With Remarketing, you’re able to identify unique IP addresses that enter your site, then follow these leads even after they leave. And as they surf the rest of the Internet, you’re able to send them specific ads that drive them back to your business’s website. Remarketing strengthens your connection with each potential customer and keeps your brand top of mind.

Customer Match gives you the ability to create and target (or exclude) your very own user lists simply by uploading prospects’ email addresses. You can then apply these lists to Search, Gmail, or YouTube campaigns and create a customized experience based on the prospects’ purchase journey.


Get the rest on Thursday

If you thought these three ways were at all interesting, you can get the other seven at our event this Thursday at 3:00 PM. Some of the other topics that Fredrick will be talking about will be how you can use ad extensions to stand out, how to be found across the Internet, and how to properly manage your targets.

KeyMedia Solutions is proud to be a Google Partner. We have the opportunity to host these events and provide valuable information to local businesses about ways they can increase sales and generate more leads. The event is free and seating is limited, so registration is required. If you’d like to sign up for this event, you can fill out the form below or go to our Academy page to learn more.

Questions? Call or email us anytime to talk.