As a business owner, you wear a lot of different hats: accounting manager, human resources department, relationship councilor, product developer, distribution, and marketing just to name a few. The good news is that there are experts available to help you with each one of these areas. The challenge is finding one that aligns with your needs, vision, and beliefs.

While there are proven methods for hiring many of the experts needed, identifying the best digital marketing agency can be a winding and bumpy road. The changing economy is forcing businesses, large and small, to extend their advertising and branding to the World Wide Web. So what should you look for in a digital agency?

Here are four key qualities that are crucial when selecting a digital agency that will work best with you.


Look for a partner that’s not hiding behind “contract” or “proprietary” data. A true digital agency will share all information. This includes pricing, ad placements, publisher network, ad impressions, fees, and experience of the staff.


You should receive a report at least once a month that includes details on what you’re being billed for and the results of the efforts. Digital advertising provides the ability to track and report on the results of every detail – make sure you are getting it. Set clear expectations for your budget and ask your digital agency to meet or exceed them.


Your digital agency should be able to demonstrate their mastery of digital tactics (and not just by reciting confusing terminology). A reputable agency will want to ensure you understand how they are spending your budget and the results received. They will willingly answer your questions and provide resources to help you understand and evolve with the changing medium.


The truth is in the data. Your digital agency should be able to show measurable results for your advertising budget in a way that you understand. This can include increased website traffic, brand awareness, brand engagement, sales, leads generated, and/or coupon redemption. If you do not understand the report, ask questions until you do.

As a business owner, you’re personally connected to the growth of your company. Finding a digital agency that feels as passionate about your bussiness as you do will develop a partnership that produces growth for your brand. If you keep these points in mind when interviewing your next firm, checking references and reviews, and evaluating their capabilities, you are sure to find a digital agency partner.