Recently, I had heard that less than 2% of start-up businesses achieve $1 million in annual sales in their lifetime, let alone within the first couple of years. It is exciting to play in that elite group of businesses, but getting here was not easy; there were many sleepless nights, long days, calculated risks, and a lot of faith.

So, to what do I attribute this success?

  1. God is good. When I remind myself that all power and glory is His and use my gifts to glorify Him, all things are possible.
  2. Because of this belief, we work with a spirit of service and not of sales. We believe that when we serve others then sales will follow. Just for clarification, sales does not always mean money.
  3. Humility and generosity are far more rewarding than pride and greed.
  4. We do not try to be all things to all people; instead being experts in one or two areas is far more important than offering multiple services with mediocre results.
  5. There must be a willingness to learn, evolve, and challenge our thinking. Every day. This applies to both our personal and professional lives.
  6. Love what you do; you should look forward to work each morning (even Mondays). It’s even better if you can make a living by following your passions.
  7. Hire the right “people” and not by technical ability only. The personality, attitude, and energy of your team is far more important than the technical skill they bring. Although they have to have the capacity to perform (and are willing to learn) the duties they are hired for, you cannot teach camaraderie, compassion, and passion.

Now as we enter into the fifth year of KeyMedia Solutions, I have spent a fair amount of time reflecting on the events of the past four years and contemplating the future. A lot has changed in a very short time.

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I look forward to the lessons that will be coming fast and furious in 2015. Raise a glass to the future! The best is yet to come.