As technology changes the way we communicate and share information, so has the process in which businesses market themselves to tech savvy consumers. In an interview with iMedia Connection, Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely, lists a few changes that are developing the world of internet marketing.

According to Neely, companies should be using social media at the forefront of their decision making process, rather than afterwards once they’ve found a good strategy. By using customer input and engagement to determine if a certain approach will work, companies can ensure that their ideas and strategies are met more positively and will waste less time on ineffective campaigns.

Secondly, mobile consumption is rising sharply, putting pressure on companies to ensure that their websites are effective on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. This is especially critical for retailers that may run primarily from an ecommerce site, but also for any sort of digital media or content that a business may be used as part of their internet marketing campaign.

“The consumption of content on mobile is complex,” said Neely. “And so that problem has not been solved. The same [way] that Instagram solved that for still video [we’ve] got to solve that for moving pictures as well. That’s a huge problem that no one has really solved and I think we’re going to see more of that from an influx standpoint.”

With so many innovations and advancements filtering into the digital marketing industry, many companies will need to keep up with the changes or risk being left in the dust to major companies with a broader reach. In order to effectively implement these into targeted internet marketing campaigns, businesses should partner with an experienced digital advertising agency.