Many sources have reported that Cyber Monday was one of the most successful to date. But, potentially aiding the success of ecommerce businesses during this holiday season was the use of mobile. With so many individuals using smartphones or tablets, many companies may find it hard to persuade these individuals with their usual small business internet marketing campaigns. Especially as the number of users continues to increase.

According to a study by Mobidia, an analytics company, 12 percent of consumers used a smartphone on Black Friday, which can equal out to 14 million consumers across the United States. In addition, mobile shoppers spent almost 20 percent more time on shopping apps on Black Friday than they did on any other day of the year.

Online retailers were the ones that benefited the most out of this, with companies such as Amazon and eBay seeing the most traffic of mobile shoppers on Black Friday.

"As expected, our Black Friday analysis showed that many consumers shopped on their smartphones on Black Friday, but shoppers appear to be gravitating toward online retailers for their mobile shopping," Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia, said in a press release. "This could be attributed to shoppers' experience with online shopping on desktop computers, unsatisfying experiences with the shopping apps of traditional retailers, or just a lack of general awareness."

With such a large swath of options for consumers to choose from, persuasion is becoming even more important. By partnering with experienced digital advertising agencies, small businesses can create more persuasive targeted internet marketing campaigns that will pull in consumers from the plethora of options they may be finding on the internet.