Local online marketing campaigns need to grab customers' attention while also explaining to them why they should invest in a particular product or service. If a consumer doesn't understand the purpose of a mobile ad on his or her smartphone, why would he take any notice of the company doing the advertising?

However, recent research suggests that some decisions are made subconsciously, and that marketing campaigns need to remain diligent in creating ads that speak to customers on various levels.

Neuromarketing appeals to an individual's preconscious brain. Customers will start responding to an ad before they even realize it, according to a Business 2 Community article. Citing research from author Robert Dooley, the news source explained that advertisements will be more successful when companies take the time to see what customers respond positively to.

One of the tips suggested by the article is that companies shouldn't keep the focus on themselves.

"Customers don't want to hear all about how great your product is," the article explained. "What they want to know is how you are going to solve their problem. Stop talking about yourself and start talking to the customer."

Another suggestion is that the message should be short and sweet. Bold headlines and shorter messages will have a greater chance of resonating with customers. Additionally, the beginning and end of an advertisement are more important, according to the article. The middle section tends to just be "filler," so the focus should be on how an ad starts and finishes.

Key Media Solutions can help businesses create marketing campaigns that keep these tips in mind and will further instill a company's brand in customers' minds. With targeted internet marketing, organizations of all sizes can make themselves memorable and prove to consumers why their solutions are an ideal answer.