Recently, our CEO, Korena, was interviewed by the Sioux Falls Business Journal. The interview focused on how KeyMedia Solutions came to be and our desire for all businesses to be online.

“The more that I knew, the more I felt a calling to help businesses better understand the options available to them and how the technology and solutions could deliver measurable results both locally and regionally. KeyMedia Solutions was formed on the premise of educating and executing strategic online advertising solutions for small and midsized businesses. More personally, I credit my son – at that time a high school freshman – with the motivation to start my businesses. While I loved the agency life, it was consuming much of my time and there was not enough of me left for my family; he called me out on it one morning. I knew at that moment I needed to make a change that would allow me the flexibility to be available for my family while still providing an income.”

To read the full interview, click here. Of course, if you need assistance, KeyMedia Solutions is here with all your digital marketing needs.