When advertising and marketing online, it is very important for companies to consider who their audience is, especially on particular websites. By determining your target audience and demographic, a qualified internet marketing firm will help you find the best platforms for an effective online advertising campaign.

One common misconception that many small business owners have is that online advertising and marketing is geared towards a younger audience. While many younger Americans are avid users of digital media, many older Americans are, as well.

In fact, a recent Time, Inc. survey that was cited on MarketingProfs.com indicates that while "Digital Natives" (those who have grown up using technology since a young age) spend more time than average using media than "Digital Immigrants" (people who began using technology as adults), the difference is pretty slight. According to the study, Digital Natives spend about 71 percent of a non-working day using media, while Digital Immigrants view media for about 64 percent of a non-working day.

In addition, the study shows that while Digital Natives are using media devices more often, they actually switch the type of media very often, thereby engaging with the content a lot less than their counterparts.

"Because Digital Natives spend more time using multiple platforms simultaneously, their emotional engagement with content is constrained, thus limiting the range of emotional responses … As soon as they grow tired or bored, Digital Natives turn their attention to something new, effectively using media to regulate their mood," reads the breakdown of the survey's results on MarketingProfs.com.

Your company should be using online advertising to reach potential customers – regardless of their age. Partnering with a local online advertising and marketing firm like Key Media Solutions can help you find the best solution for your business.