For the past few years, many marketers have focused their efforts on Generation Y. Also known as Millennials, members of this group are characterized by their use of technology and their high levels of social engagement. While this is an important demographic to target, you may want to direct your attention toward a newly recognized group known as "Generation C."

Generation C is not bound to an age range, but rather the behaviors that all of its members share. The "C" stands for "connected," meaning that people in this group are constantly connected to the internet. According to a Nielsen survey, their ages range from 18-34 and they check their mobile devices 110 times a day on average. 

In a piece on, Maryland-based marketer Kathleen Booth wrote that marketers must reach Generation C through their preferred medium

"Reaching this demographic requires immersing yourself in the same channels that they frequent, speaking their social language and adapting your marketing techniques so they choose you out of the countless companies they find in their searches," Booth wrote. 

Here are a few of Booth's tips for targeting Generation C effectively: 

  • Don't limit yourself – When strategies work well for a long time, it's hard to change, but as the needs of Generation C evolve, your approach to reaching them will need to change as well. 
  • Market through entertainment channels – Generation C is the largest consumer of online video. Some part of your marketing campaign needs to be focused in this area. 
  • Speak their language – Examine the social media accounts of your competitors and study the types of comments left by customers and fans. You'll want your advertising messages to speak to them in the same manner and address any common concerns that the audience seems to have.

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