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The Power of the Traveler Review

1/28/2019 - Familiar with the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? In the age of digital, a bad experience with a brand or product can have detrimental effects on said entity. Online reviews have become very important, as 90% of people read an online review before visiting a business. A squeaky wheel, or negative review, can […]

You Should Have Started Your Holiday Marketing Yesterday

9/27/2018 - In a blink of an eye, we’re already to the end of September and Q4 is knocking on the door. The biggest mistake most businesses make when it comes to the madness of the end of the year, is not preparing far enough in advanced. This may be exciting for some, or terrifying to others, […]

3 Ways to Amp Up Your Facebook Advertising

6/5/2018 - The relationship between businesses and Facebook has gone through a lot of changes in 2018. One of them was the significant reductions in organic visibility for brands and business pages, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to get through to a target audience. Facebook Advertising encompasses very strategic and powerful advertising solutions for any […]

Is Programmatic TV Advertising Right for You?

4/19/2018 - Something major happened in 2017 – for the first time in history, advertisers spent more money on digital media than on traditional TV. This doesn’t mean that traditional TV is going anywhere soon, but it does represent a major shift in the way businesses are using advertising channels to reach their audiences. This new movement […]

Improve Your Local Search Presence with Google Posts

2/8/2018 - Having a strong organic online presence should be a priority to any business, especially at the local level. Google Posts allow you to add up-to-date and timely information about your business, an event, or other material right to your Google My Business listing. This new feature rolled out to all Google My Business profiles in […]

4 Holiday Mobile Marketing Tips

11/30/2017 - I know it sounds crazy, but we’re less than one month away from Christmas. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, there’s still time to make the most of your holiday marketing. In fact, December has become a busier shopping time every year. With 30% of people waiting to do the majority of their […]

The Reverse Evolution of Social Media Platforms

9/28/2017 - Maybe you’ve realized it, maybe you haven’t. What was once a world of diversity and originality has slowly started to look like a bad case of déjà vu. I’m referring to the copy-cat culture that social platforms have created. They are rapidly becoming more similar to each other as each day passes. In a world […]

Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

8/1/2017 - Instagram, first made its debut to the world of social media in 2010 and has continued to grow exponentially since.  Today, Instagram sees over 700 million monthly active Instagram users, that’s twice the size of the entire United States population. Like any social platform, what once started as a way for friends to share photos […]

Going Gaga! Digital Marketing Lessons from the Queen of Pop

3/16/2017 - On February 5th 2017, millions of people crowded around big screen TVs to watch America’s favorite sport on its biggest night. But football wasn’t the only reason people tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI, millions of other people crowded around the TV to watch their favorite pop star take the big stage with her […]

Making the Most of the Big Game

1/24/2017 - In less than two weeks, the Patriots and Falcons will take the stage in front of more than 110 million viewers. The big day isn’t just about sports though, as advertisers pull out all they have to gain and keep your attention for 30 seconds between plays on the field. Many of the major brands […]