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Why are Online Videos so Important?

8/2/2018 - It’s been said time and time again – “You need to be using online videos in your marketing strategy.” I know I’ve said this sentence about a million times. But no matter how many times it gets said, the fact remains, online videos are still one of the most influential pieces of content. But, why […]

Programmatic Advertising for Political Elections

5/31/2018 - Political Programmatic Advertising has been gaining support by campaign managers as they look to develop data driven advertising strategies for their candidates. More recently, Programmatic Advertising has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses in other industries looking to target new customers, and the political world has noticed. Where Political Programmatic Advertising Started President Obama’s […]

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

4/23/2018 - Influencer Marketing may be one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising. Step 1 – find someone who has a large following. Step 2 – ask that person to endorse your product or service. Simple, right? Maybe not quite that simple, in fact, the reality of Influencer Marketing is that it’s surrounded by […]

Certified Consultants of ActiveCampaign

4/12/2018 - We are excited to announce that KeyMedia Solutions has officially become a Certified Consultant of ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that specializes in Email Marketing and Contact Relationship Management. This platform maintains user-friendly functionality that allows anyone to take advantage of the best marketing automations. From creating extended email campaigns to managing your […]

Video Marketing Extended Interview

3/8/2018 - Watch the extended interview with Caleb Hoover, the owner of Hoover Heights Media in Sioux Falls, SD as he talks about the power of Video Marketing and the difference it can make in your business. If you would like to learn more about Video Marketing and how you can utilize the power of online videos […]

How Facebook Organic Reach has Changed

2/20/2018 - If you’ve noticed a downward spiraling performance of your organic reach on Facebook in the past few months, you’re not the only one. Businesses across the world are struggling to show up in their audience’s newsfeed. For years, organic reach has been the sought-after statistic that page managers have used to prove their posts were […]

The Latest in Digital Marketing Techniques

1/25/2018 - The future for online advertising includes new digital marketing techniques for building a presence on social media, attracting new visitors to their website, and gaining favor with search engines. In this article, we’ll break down the latest techniques that marketers across the world will be taking advantage of this year. Defined Audience Targeting A “one […]

New Facebook Updates for 2018

1/18/2018 - Hello marketers, business people, casual readers, robots, and other humans alike! In today’s world, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. People have personal pages, pages for their businesses, or pages for events. This is why when one of the world’s largest social platforms announces major updates, everyone listens. This article […]

How to Survive the Holiday Shopping Season

11/22/2017 - Stop…Take a breath. You heard me, STOP! Now take a breath. All will be right with the world and you’ll survive. “Survive what?” you may ask. The holiday shopping season of course. The holiday travel and shopping season is upon us. A time of the year when we all come together and appreciate one another […]

How to use Mobile Wallet

11/16/2017 - How often do we forget a coupon, debit card, or our I.D. at home? Or have you ever just lost them all together? Besides the panic, it’s quite annoying as well. When this happens, we’re often left wondering where in our daily routine did we mess up and lose our belongings. It’s in these situations […]