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As Featured On Forbes: Are You Including OTT In Your 2020 Marketing Plan?

1/14/2020 - Originally Published on on January 7th, 2020. PHOTO GETTY Television viewing habits have changed dramatically over the years — from three broadcast networks to the rise of cable and hundreds of channels to choose from. This has evolved into time-shifted watching with DVRs, and now, on-demand viewing through subscription services and downloadable apps. While […]

Understanding Your Visitor: Generations of Travelers

2/21/2019 - How well do you understand your core visitor? Going beyond age and income, what do you know about them? Do they have a shared interest? Is there a consistency in their family unit (or lack of family) that make them stand out? Does it change with the seasons? We know, and research confirms, that travelers […]

Three Challenges Ad Agencies Are Facing Today

1/23/2019 - Spending four days locked in a conference room with other fifty other agencies executives, creative minds, and media experts is a humbling, energizing, and powerful experience. And, if I’m honest, quite exhausting. Jake and I  just returned from an AMI (Agency Management Institute) workshop in Orlando with a long list of action items. Yes, it was […]

Capturing Last Minute Bookings

1/9/2019 - We can’t blame Millennials for this trend. While they may be well known for making last minute bookings (even when they plan ahead), we have groomed today’s travelers to wait for deals, price drop offers, and special promotions before booking their itinerary. It’s spread beyond dining reservations to include hotel rooms, activities and attraction tickets. […]

Improve Your Recruiting Success with Digital Tools

3/29/2018 - Many of our clients are facing the same challenge right now – regardless of the industry, geographic location, or economy. Hiring qualified people to fill the growing list of open positions. Over the course of the last year, I have been working with many businesses to expand their recruitment efforts in innovative and unexpected ways. […]

5 Ways to Integrate Digital and Traditional Media in 2018

11/14/2017 - As you work on your 2018 MarCom plan, have you contemplated how you ‘ll integrate your marketing strategy to include digital tactics? Technology has provided new tools that make this task easier than ever. Below are a few that we feel are worthy of consideration as you move into 2018. Direct Mail and Print Media […]

Are You Prepared for a Social Media Crisis?

9/26/2017 - *This post originally appeared on Forbes. To read the original, visit  Have you experienced a social media troll or seen unwanted solicitations appear on your Facebook page? Chances are good that if this has not yet happened to you, it will. Soon. So what do you do about it? Today, it is critical to […]

Facebook Live: All Your Questions Answered in 10 Minutes

7/10/2017 - You’ve seen the notifications, maybe even watched a Live video. Have you ever wondered if it could help you reach your company goals? Increase leads or generate brand engagements? I’ve had a lot of questions lately about what Facebook Live is, how it works, and if it is good for the company. Hopefully, I will […]

Is Your SEO Company Taking Advantage Of You?

4/20/2017 - *This post originally appeared on Forbes. To read the original, visit I’m sure at some point you’ve received the phone call or email from an unknown contact with some variation of this statement: “We’ve reviewed your website and you do not show up on the first page on Google for your keywords. Call me today […]

Why Sharing your Browser History is Good for You

4/4/2017 - You’ve likely heard a lot of talk about online privacy and how your activity is being used; both in the local and national news. While the conversations are inciting some fear in Internet users (people like you, reading this blog right now), this legislation will be business as usual. The new rules are to repeal […]