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Facebook Special Ad Categories

3/25/2020 - Facebook is now requiring all U.S.-based housing, employment, and credit advertisers to select the “Special Ad Category” option in Ads Manager when creating ads. This feature limits ad targeting options — removing the ability to target ads by age, gender, zip code, multicultural affinity or any detailed options describing or appearing to relate to protected […]

Pros and Cons of Branded SEM

2/24/2020 -  A topic that comes up frequently when talking with clients about their SEM strategy is if they should have a branded part of their campaign, or in other words, should they have their actual company name as a keyword they’re willing to pay for? We always give our favorite answer, it depends. Therefore, I decided […]

Peacock TV and Dynamic Remarketing: Everything You Need To Know

1/28/2020 - NBC’s Peacock TV NBC unveiled its Peacock TV streaming service to investors last week. Highlighted by a free-for-all version that stands out in an increasingly crowded online video market. It launches in the U.S. on July 15th of this year. Peacock Free will consist of over 7,000 hours of programming, including next-day access to current […]

Google Is Tightening Up and YouTube TV is Making Changes

9/30/2019 - Google Ads is no longer allowing ads in its search network and other ad networks for products or services that promote speculative and/or experimental medical treatments. This includes Stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy, gene therapy, and similar forms of regenerative medicine, platelet-rich plasma, biohacking, do-it-yourself (DIY) genetic engineering products, and gene therapy kits. Google […]

Surveillance Capitalism and What It Has To Do With You

7/10/2019 - As of right now, we are living through the most profound transformation in our information environment. And one problem with living through a revolution is that it’s almost impossible to take the long view of what is happening. If Shoshana Zuboff is right, we are in the middle of a new revolution nestled within the […]

How to Successfully Work Remote

12/20/2018 - Working from home may sound like a dream come true for some, but it’s not all about relaxation and working in your pajamas. It can be a little intimidating if you’re used to going into an office every day. I’ve been lucky enough to call KeyMedia Solutions my place of employment for 5 years this […]

KMS Podcast – A Discussion about Email Marketing

3/15/2018 - If our first ever KMS Podcast, Luke Majerus has a conversation with our Content Specialist, Sam Thorson, about Email Marketing best practices. Click below to listen to the full discussion. What is Email Marketing? In today’s online world, people expect communication to be immediate. When you think about a quick response, you might think of […]

Creating a 21st Century Marketing Strategy

8/24/2017 - The nature of our work, especially as digital marketers, has continued to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Companies are getting bigger and marketing strategies are evolving to account for new trends and technologies. In recent years there have been four major areas of online marketing change. These areas are Mobile, Programmatic, Social Media Advertising, and […]

YouTube to Kill 30-Second Unskippable Ads

3/7/2017 - You open your phone to watch a YouTube video and right when you press play you’re met with a cartoon lizard talking about car insurance. All you want is to bypass this so you look for the option to “skip” this ad, but no such option appears. Time and time again, people just like yourself […]

Is Marketing with Emojis right for you?

12/8/2016 - Over 3,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians used pictures and symbols called hieroglyphics to tell their stories. Thousands of years later in the world today we continue to use a similar idea to communicate to each other. Emojis have become modern day hieroglyphics in the way we use them in messages and social media. As […]