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Holiday Shopping Trends Focus on Mobile

11/30/2016 - For years, “Black Friday” was a unique event with shopping, deals, extended hours, and added holiday staff. Now the sales have extended to an entire “Shopping Holiday” weekend. Stores are opening later in the day on Thanksgiving after the turkey has been consumed. Deals extend throughout the four-day “shopping holiday” weekend and now include “Shop […]

Let your learning lead to action

9/15/2016 - Everyday life hands each one of us challenges and obstacles to overcome. As we learn from our experiences, we are able to grow as individuals and pick up on new ways to deal with situations in the future. We all strive to reach goals in our careers and personal life and sometimes fall short. You […]

New Beginnings with New Technology

5/17/2016 - Spring is here with the green grass, trees budding out, farmers preparing the fields, and the abundance of graduation invitations. Spring has always felt like a new beginning to me and I can only imagine how the high school and college graduates feel about the new adventure/beginning they will be embarking on. My son, the […]

What Are the Qualities of a Leader?

3/3/2016 - As a working mother, a wife, and most importantly, a human being, I think about leadership all the time. Leadership is paramount in all aspects of my life. Finding the right leadership for personal growth, professional growth, and the growth of others in my life. What I strive to bring into every interaction in my […]

Experiencing India

12/31/2015 - Having a clear expectation of your goals is a sign of maturity and drive… or so I thought. So what happens when all your expectation disappear? I’ve been reflecting on 2015 as so many of us do this time of year and I thought I would share with you an opportunity that I had to […]

Just Jump

10/29/2015 - Have you ever had a dream bigger than yourself? A dream that had you wondering, “How am I going to make what I want to do a reality?” I was recently told that I’m an extremely brave women. Now, that’s not how I’ve ever thought of myself, but after hearing this from a few people, […]

Continuing Education is Key

8/6/2015 - Continuing your education is extremely important in all industries to stay on top of the latest advances in technology and trends. At KeyMedia Solutions, we are constantly taking webinars, conferences, classes, and training events to improve our operation. I recently had the pleasure of attending a very powerful and motivating conference in Las Vegas, where […]

21st Century Marketing Strategy

4/9/2015 - The nature of our work, especially as a digital marketer, has continued to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Companies are getting bigger and marketing strategies are evolving at accelerated rates. Three major areas of change are Mobile, Programmatic, and social media advertising. Marketing strategy has taken a significant turn, as well. In years past, the […]

KeyMedia 2014: A Look Back

1/5/2015 - WOW, another year has concluded and a fresh, new adventure is starting! KeyMedia Solutions is entering it’s fifth year in business. Over the past four years, the KeyMedia team has seen continued growth and had the pleasure of increased travel for both business and pleasure. In 2014, destinations include France, The Dominic Republic, Canada, Texas, […]