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Humanizing Automation

12/7/2017 - It seems that more and more of our interactions are with automations and algorithms. Everything from your car manufacture and food production to your Facebook feed and content consumption. And, as marketers, we interact with these technologies on a daily basis while strategizing and optimizing online marketing campaigns. So, how do we work within this […]

Guest Blog: SDN – Email Spoofing: What It Is and How To Spot It

10/19/2017 - With the recent natural disasters in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, there seems to be an uptick in fraudulent activity. With that in mind, we bring you a recent blog from our friends at SDN Communications discussing how to spot fraudulent emails and ways to navigate around them. So, without further ado, we present Email spoofing: What […]

The Logo Test

8/17/2017 - Your business is unique, right? You have your own culture, personality, and quirks. You feel like you articulate and display that message to your followers. But, do you? It’s hard to do so in the world of algorithms and constant updates. It is important to clearly present your message to the people you want to […]

How to Use Google Merchant Center

1/19/2017 - With the uptick of options to sell your products online, it can be difficult to know how to go about it. According the U.S. Census Bureau, in Q3 of 2016 alone, Ecommerce retail grew 15.6%, a trend we’re seeing year over year. Let’s say you want to list your new kayak and make it easily […]

Be the Very Best in Mobile

10/20/2016 - You’ve heard it before, but Mobile Advertising continues to grow at a staggering pace and Americans are using their phones more than ever. Last time we talked about it on our blog, Content Specialist Sam said, “Out of 318 million Americans, 111 million are on their phone now and continue to check them frequently.” (For […]

This Blog Will Rank High

7/21/2016 - I hope this blog ranks well. I mean, there’s plenty of keywords and meta information, but you never know what search engines will decide. Yes, this blog is relevant and can be on the first page. No, there are too many cats and should be buried. But, if I follow the proper format and try […]

Going Off the Grid with Technology: A Love Story

5/5/2016 -   The wind is blowing, moving hair freely back and forth; the smell of wild flowers giving vivid memories of trips past; the sound of water slowly moving down the hillside is pee inducing. I’m at my computer, daydreaming and trip planning. In 2016, before I can get off the grid I need to plug […]

In-House or Partnership: Digital Marketing

2/25/2016 - All the pieces are in place: staff is hired, the store is open, and the website is done, now you need customers. You started the Facebook page to help get the word out and even have a small AdWords campaign going, but you might not have the results you hoped for. Advertising your business can […]

Customer Intent Reigns Supreme

12/22/2015 - For smart advertisers, marketing with the intent to target customers is always the goal. Not only do we want to serve relevant ads, we want to serve them to the appropriate audience. The combination of targeting and relevancy creates the relationship with new customers that leads to sales. Today, more and more people are using […]

Defining Your Target Audience

10/22/2015 - Pete is browsing the web. He’s not looking for anything specifically; creeping on Facebook, reading local news, checking email. But, next thing he knows, he’s being served ads for hotels in the Boston area. Why is that? He doesn’t live anywhere near Boston. He doesn’t even like the Red Sox. What he doesn’t know is […]