We do the best we can to try and explain the technology we use here at KeyMedia Solutions, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. We understand that sometimes the best way to explain something is to provide an example. That’s why in this blog I’m including a case study of a Programmatic Advertising campaign that we ran for a client.

In the case study you’ll read an explanation of the goals outlined by the client, some of the challenges we had to overcome, and the results of the campaign. At the end of this blog, you’ll also find an option to download another case study for B2B marketing.

Programmatic Case Study

KeyMedia Solutions began working with a state level government agency in 2014. The goal of this campaign was to raise general public awareness among a certain demographic. One of the primary tactics used to reach this goal was Programmatic Advertising.


The biggest challenge of this campaign was to make sure a very narrow target audience received our specific message. The message was somewhat touchy in nature, so targeting the right people was crucial to the success of the campaign. We chose Programmatic Advertising for this reason. With this tactic, we’re able to set extremely specific target audiences based on data obtained through third-party data centers.

Campaign Results

Since the campaign started in July of 2014, we saw consistently high results with Programmatic Advertising:

  • Over 14 million total impressions
  • Over 15,500 total clicks
  • On average, a 0.11% CTR, staying above the national average of 0.07-0.09%.

Not only had the ads been served over 14 million times to a narrow target audience, there was a steady increase in traffic to our campaign specific landing page that provided education information. The analytics data below shows a direct comparison of the first six months of the campaign with the same dates the following year.

Programmatic Advertising Results Table

Programmatic Advertising allowed us to serve ads to a narrow demographic and continuously prove that we were reaching the right people by receiving high CTR’s and increased web traffic to the designated awareness site.

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