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ICON 2016: Promoting Content

3/22/2016 - “Once you’ve created your content, there’s a lot of things you should be doing with it.” – Tyler Garns   During my time at the 2016 ICON event for small businesses, one of the pressing issues that many of the attendees faced in their businesses was this – they would create good quality content that they […]

ICON 2016: Branding that Sells

3/17/2016 -   “Do your customers know what your business believes” – Ryan Diess You own a business and you’re passionate about the work that you do. You believe that your products or services are above and beyond the quality of your competitors, but you still aren’t converting leads into customers like you imagined. Why is this? […]

ICON 2016: Generate More Leads

3/8/2016 -     “A quality team is essential. Organizations grow at the speed of trust!” – Dave Ramsey, at ICON 2016 The above quote is just one of Dave Ramsey’s “5 Essential Qualities of a Leader,” and as he continued to rattle off even more quotable nuggets during his keynote presentation, I sat in the audience […]

SXSW: A Week in Review

4/2/2015 - South by Southwest was one of the greatest experiences that I have had as a professional, by far. I literally found myself at the mecca for technology, music, and film. This is the place where artists and start-ups are born. I was truly amazed by the people as well as the speakers who converge on […]