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Pros and Cons of Branded SEM

2/24/2020 -  A topic that comes up frequently when talking with clients about their SEM strategy is if they should have a branded part of their campaign, or in other words, should they have their actual company name as a keyword they’re willing to pay for? We always give our favorite answer, it depends. Therefore, I decided […]

A-List Marketing: Run your Social like a Celebrity

9/14/2017 - You’ve set up your website, your Facebook business page, and have a list of a quality email addresses. You’ve been writing blog posts, sharing photos on your Facebook page, and pushing coupons out to your email list. But after that you feel a little bit lost. Is this marketing? The break-through opportunity with marketing online […]

Is Marketing with Emojis right for you?

12/8/2016 - Over 3,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians used pictures and symbols called hieroglyphics to tell their stories. Thousands of years later in the world today we continue to use a similar idea to communicate to each other. Emojis have become modern day hieroglyphics in the way we use them in messages and social media. As […]

ICON 2016: Branding that Sells

3/17/2016 -   “Do your customers know what your business believes” – Ryan Diess You own a business and you’re passionate about the work that you do. You believe that your products or services are above and beyond the quality of your competitors, but you still aren’t converting leads into customers like you imagined. Why is this? […]