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Improve Your Recruiting Success with Digital Tools

3/29/2018 - Many of our clients are facing the same challenge right now – regardless of the industry, geographic location, or economy. Hiring qualified people to fill the growing list of open positions. Over the course of the last year, I have been working with many businesses to expand their recruitment efforts in innovative and unexpected ways. […]

To Serve Man

9/21/2017 - Let me start by saying, no this is not a collection of recipes, so you can relax. For those of you who grew up watching the Twilight Zone, you probably got that reference and for those who didn’t, you should really watch the show. The Twilight Zone was the best TV series ever! The word […]

Customize your Business: Let your Culture Work for You

8/24/2017 - As a business owner or leader within an organization, growth projections, goals, and sales are often high on the priority list. Numbers and statics are among the usual suspects in determining success and the common denominators in finding areas of improvement. However, within those dollar figures and customer counts are the people who make the […]

The Formula to Leadership

5/25/2017 - Simply put, there isn’t one. Every leader is different, and leadership is required in a lot of different situations. There’s no perfect formula for leadership because becoming a good leader depends on a lot of different factors. The qualities of a leader depend on the group you’re leading, what goal that group is trying to […]

Financial Tips for 2017

2/14/2017 - It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. When thinking about a topic related to client service I found myself in a rut. Now that we are well into 2017 the thought of writing a blog on taking care of clients seemed appropriate. With that theme in mind I started thinking, “what’s the first […]

Stop Calling them Resolutions

12/29/2016 - With this year coming to an end, many people are starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest – that whole weight loss thing usually ends about noon on January 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be one of those people on American Ninja Warrior, but I’m enough of a […]

Korena Keys Joins the Forbes Agency Council

11/11/2016 -   KeyMedia Solutions CEO Korena Keys was recently accepted into the Forbes Agency Council – a highly selective, invitation only organization that promotes top advertising, media, and marketing executives. Forbes is one of the most iconic media companies in the world today. The company seeks to bring together professionals to share ideas and expertise within […]

5 Key Takeaways From the 2016 IAB MIXX Conference

10/13/2016 - I can honestly say that I learn something new every day. Then there are times where I can surround myself with brilliant minds, thought leaders, and fellow industry professionals and the learning overflows. The 2016 IAB MIXX Conference was one of those times. After two days of provoking conversations, listening to digital marketing experts, and […]

Let your learning lead to action

9/15/2016 - Everyday life hands each one of us challenges and obstacles to overcome. As we learn from our experiences, we are able to grow as individuals and pick up on new ways to deal with situations in the future. We all strive to reach goals in our careers and personal life and sometimes fall short. You […]

Work vs. Life and Balancing the Two

4/28/2016 - Every minute of every day, each person on this planet is experiencing a funny thing we like to call life. Different for everyone, but somehow, either directly or indirectly, connected to a larger community of people. Our lives consist of people, places, and responsibilities that define us as individuals and how we’re able co-exist on this […]