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What Makes A Good Geofence Campaign?

3/1/2018 - A Geofence campaign can maximize your budget when it comes to targeting a specific audience. But this doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. There are certain guidelines that should be followed when considering Geofencing as an option for your business. What is Geofencing? Geofencing uses GPS to build a virtual boundary area around specific […]

4 Holiday Mobile Marketing Tips

11/30/2017 - I know it sounds crazy, but we’re less than one month away from Christmas. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, there’s still time to make the most of your holiday marketing. In fact, December has become a busier shopping time every year. With 30% of people waiting to do the majority of their […]

How to use Mobile Wallet

11/16/2017 - How often do we forget a coupon, debit card, or our I.D. at home? Or have you ever just lost them all together? Besides the panic, it’s quite annoying as well. When this happens, we’re often left wondering where in our daily routine did we mess up and lose our belongings. It’s in these situations […]

Mobile Search Killed the Desktop Star

10/26/2017 - Whether or not you understand the elaborate ins and outs of digital media, it isn’t hard to comprehend the impact mobile smartphones have made on our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become more than just an every-day care item. Today, they represent our connection to society around us. This connection hasn’t just changed how […]

Creating a 21st Century Marketing Strategy

8/24/2017 - The nature of our work, especially as digital marketers, has continued to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Companies are getting bigger and marketing strategies are evolving to account for new trends and technologies. In recent years there have been four major areas of online marketing change. These areas are Mobile, Programmatic, Social Media Advertising, and […]

Holiday Shopping Trends Focus on Mobile

11/30/2016 - For years, “Black Friday” was a unique event with shopping, deals, extended hours, and added holiday staff. Now the sales have extended to an entire “Shopping Holiday” weekend. Stores are opening later in the day on Thanksgiving after the turkey has been consumed. Deals extend throughout the four-day “shopping holiday” weekend and now include “Shop […]

How to Learn about Mobile Marketing

11/9/2016 - As marketers, it’s our job to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising technology and strategies. As a result, we’ve put together valuable information that can help businesses connect with more customers. This technology includes Programmatic Advertising, Remarketing, and Geofencing just to name a few. But the one advertising tactic that tops the charts is Mobile […]

Be the Very Best in Mobile

10/20/2016 - You’ve heard it before, but Mobile Advertising continues to grow at a staggering pace and Americans are using their phones more than ever. Last time we talked about it on our blog, Content Specialist Sam said, “Out of 318 million Americans, 111 million are on their phone now and continue to check them frequently.” (For […]

Not Your Momma’s Mobile Marketing Event Recap

9/29/2016 - Just yesterday at 3:00 PM, people representing local businesses around the state stopped by our office to take part in our Mobile Marketing Training Event. The two hour event featured Google experts and members from our own KeyMedia Solutions team who talked about the importance and evolution of Mobile Marketing in today’s world. What I’d […]

Not Your Momma’s Mobile Marketing Event

9/13/2016 -   Mobile Marketing has become a corner stone of digital marketing in the past decade. The first form of Mobile Marketing ever shared was an advertisement served via Short Messaging Service (SMS) in 2000 on a basic cellphone. Since then, we’ve seen phones go from basic, to smart, to intelligent gadgets necessary in billions of […]