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Google+ Is Shutting Down. Here’s What You Need To Know.

10/16/2018 - On October 8, 2018, Google announced it will be shutting down the consumer version of Google+. I don’t think this came as a big surprise to most. Google+ had potential solely because it was affiliated and created by Google, but it never really caught on. Google reports the network had low usage and engagement with […]

5 Ways to Integrate Digital and Traditional Media in 2018

11/14/2017 - As you work on your 2018 MarCom plan, have you contemplated how you ‘ll integrate your marketing strategy to include digital tactics? Technology has provided new tools that make this task easier than ever. Below are a few that we feel are worthy of consideration as you move into 2018. Direct Mail and Print Media […]

SERP Marketing Updates

7/25/2017 - Digital Marketing is a fast-pace, ever-changing industry. And if you don’t keep up with the always changing features you can find yourself very behind or even worse find your marketing efforts irrelevant. We don’t have the time or budgets to afford to be irrelevant. But we also don’t have the time we desire to always […]

Up Against the Ropes

5/22/2015 - In 1986, a young man by the name of Mike Tyson stepped into a boxing ring to fight in a World Heavy Weight Championship. In just two rounds, Tyson ended the doubt with a TKO and would become the youngest person to ever win a Heavy Weight Championship. People often look past the younger competitor […]

How to Design an Email Marketing Program

3/27/2015 - Most brands concentrate their email marketing efforts on promotional emails and discounts. Subscribers expect the same rusty messages in their inboxes. This leads to the dismissal of emails—subscribers ignore, delete, unsubscribe, or worse—report emails as spam. As a result, companies miss powerful, direct connections to customers. A customer should want to read a brand’s email, […]

Watch Your Tone with Me

2/18/2015 - I recently attended the Trendigital Summit here in Sioux Falls and had the pleasure of sitting in on a great presentation about the Voice and Tone of a person or company’s brand. Sarah Rhea Werner,who was a fabulous speaker by the way, gave the presentation. She said the Voice is the representation of your brand […]

KeyMedia 2014: A Look Back

1/5/2015 - WOW, another year has concluded and a fresh, new adventure is starting! KeyMedia Solutions is entering it’s fifth year in business. Over the past four years, the KeyMedia team has seen continued growth and had the pleasure of increased travel for both business and pleasure. In 2014, destinations include France, The Dominic Republic, Canada, Texas, […]