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Programmatic Advertising for Political Elections

5/31/2018 - Political Programmatic Advertising has been gaining support by campaign managers as they look to develop data driven advertising strategies for their candidates. More recently, Programmatic Advertising has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses in other industries looking to target new customers, and the political world has noticed. Where Political Programmatic Advertising Started President Obama’s […]

Google’s Candidate Cards

2/2/2016 - With the Iowa Caucus in the books, the 2016 Presidential election is officially underway. The candidates for this year’s elections have been taking advantage of new online advertising technology leading up to the first primary election. From Political Programmatic Advertising to Social Media Marketing, online campaigning tactics offer these candidates the chance to reach voters […]

Big Block of Cheese Day Review

1/14/2016 - In 1837, President Andrew Jackson carted in a 1,400-pound block of cheese and invited the entire neighborhood to stop by the White House for a snack. He wanted to encourage the public to talk to the White House administration about issues they felt needed attention. As such, Big Block of Cheese Day was created and […]

Political Programmatic Advertising

11/12/2015 - The 2016 Presidential race will be a historical election season in terms of online advertising. It’s predicted that the total spend for online advertisements will exceed $1 Billion for the first time in history. This will also be the first time Programmatic Advertising will be widely used by political campaigns in their advertising strategies. With […]

Campaigning One Tweet at a Time

9/2/2015 - How many Twitter followers would President Abraham Lincoln have had when he was running for re-election in 1864? #VoteLincoln Okay, so maybe that’s a little ridiculous, but my point is that society’s use of social media is changing the way politicians think about their election campaigns. The candidates running for the 2016 presidential election are […]

Candidates and Their Digital Ads

8/25/2015 - Who will you be voting for next year? The November 2016 elections may seem like a long ways away, but for the world of politics, campaigning to become the next United States President is well underway. As Election Day begins to creep closer, we can expect to see the usual campaign ads come across our […]