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What Exactly is Remarketing?

8/11/2016 -   Have you ever gone to a website and looked at something you thought about buying? You were strong enough to put down your credit card and leave without spending any money, but then something interesting happens. A few days later, you notice that product showing up in advertisements no matter where you go online. […]

How You’ve Been Marketing Wrong Online

5/12/2016 - Today’s consumers are smart. We live in the era of savvy technology users who constantly have the world at their fingertips, literally. A Pew Research Center survey done in November of 2015 showed that 68% of US adults own a smartphone. And when these adults are surfing the internet, be that by smartphone, tablet or […]

Remarketing on Facebook

1/21/2016 - Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and came across an ad for a specific product you were just looking at days or even minutes before on a different website. You see the ad and think to yourself “Wow! It must be fate! This is clearly a sign that I need to buy this amazing […]