In this day and age, most reputable internet advertising agencies know that part of creating an effective marketing campaign means optimizing your website for mobile devices. However, as a small business (SMB) owner, did you know that important device demographic statistics should be taken into account when coming up with a killer media strategy? For instance, iMedia Communications, an online website that reports on marketing trends, reported on the ways in which the devices people use actually affect their buying habits.

iMedia’s research revealed that:

1) iPhone users are willing to spend more money
The majority of iPhone users are young, happy and willing to spend more money than their counterparts who have Androids. Given this data, click-rates for mobile Apple fans are higher than consumers who use other types of cell phones. Depending on how much your product or service costs and whether it is in demand, marketing advertisements or mobile apps to iPhone owners makes more sense than to people who possess Androids.

2) iPhone and BlackBerry owners make more money
If you are selling an expensive product, then consider this statistic: Most Android users earn less than $75,000 a year whereas iPhone and BlackBerry owners typically make more than $75,000 annually.

3) Location does matter
iMedia found that a whopping 80 percent of mobile device users favor advertisements that are “locally relevant.” You also may be interested to know that SMBs can boost the number of times people click on their ads by offering a financial incentive, such as a discount or coupon, for a service that is close to the consumer.

If you want to learn more about effective ad marketing, then consider reaching out to an agency like Key Media Solutions. Experienced employees can help ensure that you are targeting the right audience and help you optimize your site for mobile if you have not already done so.