It might seem counterproductive to count on mobile users skipping your video ads. After all, if they do, it seems like the brunt of your message is getting lost. But a recent story from Business Insider detailing comments from a Google official might help your company think about this aspect of video advertising differently.

According to this story, Google's Neal Mohan reframed the argument to include the viewer's habit of skipping ads as a means to reaching them more, not assuming that this is an automatic death sentence for a brand's targeted online advertising initiative. 

Since more than 85 percent of the ads on YouTube offer users the chance to skip, there's no denying the obvious appeal of this feature (and the detriment it might seem to pose to advertisers). However, Mohan's approach emphasizes how even this seemingly negative aspect could be construed as an opportunity, given that advertisers readjust their values.

"Not only did a person see my ad, but was it the audience I was going after? How did the ad change users' perspective?" Mohan asked, saying also that user choice and video ads were not mutually exclusive.

An AdExchanger article cited by BI points out that this type of "skippable ad" is also being pursued by the gaming industry, with growth in this area expected.

All this can be taken as a sign that apparent problems confronting small business internet marketing campaigns might be circumvented through creative thinking. The expertise of a specialist like Key Media Solutions can help reverse these seemingly hopeless situations by providing a different, more enlightened perspective.