When companies want to create a strong, local online marketing campaign, it's important to cater to the target audience. Different customers will likely respond to varied approaches, and businesses with a greater understanding of their clientele have a better chance of seeing positive results.

Smaller firms can look to larger companies and adopt similar approaches. For example, Coca-Cola launched an all-digital marketing campaign back in April. The target audience was teenagers, according to Mashable, and the soda company created 40 unique websites—eventually it will be 61.

Called the "Ahh Effect," the campaign created the URL ahh.com, and each different website tacked an additional "h" onto it. So, there is also an ahhh.com, ahhhh.com and ahhhhh.com, continuing onward.

According to Coca-Cola brand manager Meg Haley, this was the company's most-researched campaign. Haley told the news source that while there is not yet definitive proof that engagement leads to more purchases, Coke is satisfied with the results its seen.

"So far, what we're hearing is for those that might not have been frequent drinkers there's a shift in preference," she said. "It's cool, it's relevant. The campaign lends itself to purchase intent."

Specifically, 4 million users have visited the existing 40 sites, with the average length of stay being just over 2 minutes. Half of the traffic is organic, meaning that consumers have shared the information with a friend.

With the right research, small- to medium-sized companies can pinpoint the best approaches to take with their customers. Working with Key Media Solutions can ensure that an ideal targeted internet marketing campaign is created that reaches consumers and still adheres to the organization's brand.