Local online marketing is important for businesses of all sizes. Just because an organization is not a national chain does not mean that they are incapable of reaching out to customers. The right advertising approach, through numerous forms of digital media, can have far-reaching effects.

For example, in terms of email marketing, Business 2 Community recently highlighted some ways for companies to personalize their message to customers. Specifically, the news source explained that email open rates improve when the subject line is personalized.

Having a scanned signature included in emails will also help. Not only does it make the message more personal, but it improves open rates by five times and click-through rates by almost three and a half times.

According to a recent Inc. Magazine article, customers view buying as a process or a journey, and companies should see it the same way. Author Eric Holtzclaw explained that when consumers explain to him why they bought something, there's always a story of what happened first, second and then third. It's crucial for organizations to understand where their marketing campaign fits into that decision-making process. 

"Look at what you sent to the customer along their buying journey and strive to understand what outside influences may have pushed them to make a purchase," the article said. "Was it a mention in a local newspaper, a tweet or a recommendation from a friend that made them ultimately buy into the vision you have been promoting?"

Key Media Solutions can help companies develop targeted internet marketing campaigns that are personalized and connect to consumers on numerous levels. That way, customers will be more willing to return to your organization.