Unlock the power of Live Sports with the unmatched benefits of advertising in the 2024 Summer Olympics!

As we gear up for the 2024 Summer Olympics, it’s clear that the event is more than just a global sports spectacle. It represents a pivotal opportunity for advertisers to achieve significant brand lift and forge lasting connections with consumers. With billions of eyes glued to the screens, the Olympics offer a unique, highly engaging platform for brands aiming to enhance their visibility and impact. Let’s dive into why aligning with the Olympics, particularly through Connected TV (CTV), is a strategic move for media buyers and brand marketers.

  1. Massive Global Reach

The 2024 Summer Olympics are set to captivate an enormous audience, with projections indicating that over a billion people will tune in just for the opening ceremony. The entire event attracts nearly 40% of the world’s population, showcasing a diverse audience from different demographics, cultures, and backgrounds.

Likewise, CTV provides the ability to limit your ad buy to your local community and marketing territory. The ability to customize your reach by city, county, DMA, or state are unlike capabilities available through network television or cable tv buys.

This provides a golden opportunity for brands to connect with new and existing customers on a massive (or hyper-targeted) scale.

  1. Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Live sports, including the Olympics, offer a unique viewing experience; they are consumed in real-time, which means that viewers are highly engaged while also unable to skip through commercials. This creates a potent environment for advertisements, as the audience is more attentive and receptive. The digital evolution of viewing habits, especially the shift toward CTV, means advertisers can now engage with audiences who opt to stream the games, often consuming content with greater focus and for longer periods.

  1. Precision Targeting with CTV

The shift toward CTV has revolutionized how advertisers can interact with their audience. Unlike traditional linear TV, CTV allows for granular targeting, enabling brands to deliver ads to specific segments of viewers based on detailed demographic, geographic, and behavioral data. This precision ensures that your advertising dollars are spent efficiently, increasing the likelihood of your message resonating with the intended audience.

  1. Real-Time Measurement and Optimization

CTV offers advanced analytics and measurement tools that allow advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. This capability ensures that brands can understand immediate impacts, adjust strategies on the fly, and optimize their ads to enhance viewer engagement and maximize return on ad spend. These metrics are crucial for demonstrating the effectiveness of ad spend, particularly in a high-stakes environment like the Olympics.

  1. Association with Excellence

The Olympics are synonymous with excellence, achievement, and universal appeal. Brands associated with the Olympics can leverage these positive attributes, enhancing their own brand image. The prestige of the Olympics provides a halo effect, where viewers subconsciously transfer their positive feelings from the event to the accompanying advertisements, thereby boosting brand perception.

  1. Cost Efficiency and Accessibility

With CTV, advertising during a global event like the Olympics becomes more accessible to a broader range of businesses. The platform’s programmatic nature allows for more competitive pricing and the ability to purchase ad slots that directly target desired audiences, making it a cost-effective option for achieving high visibility without the premium cost traditionally associated with Olympic advertising.

  1. Engaging Content Opportunities

The variety of sports and stories that unfold during the Olympics provides a rich tapestry for creative and engaging ad content. Brands can craft compelling narratives that align with the themes of perseverance, international camaraderie, and triumph featured throughout the games, ensuring content that resonates deeply with viewers.


The 2024 Summer Olympics presents a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their messages on the world stage. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of CTV, advertisers can enjoy precision targeting, real-time analytics, and an engaged audience that only a global event of this magnitude can provide. For media buyers and brand marketers, aligning with the Olympic content is not just an advertising decision—it’s a strategic investment into the heart of global consumer engagement.

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