While traditional forms of marketing can be effective in encouraging an interested audience to investigate a product or service, a local business online marketing strategy that puts a priority on interaction between company and customer may see better results. Recent data from Burst Media suggests that more than 60 percent of those who respond to advertising campaigns through the use of social media may be inspired to do so by online advertising. Comparatively, only 58.7 percent said the same of television-based marketing campaigns.  

The findings are from a study undertaken by Burst Media that details the specifics of the media habits of various demographics. Such results indicate that more than 65 percent of those surveyed are active social users, and that around 32 percent are interacting with others on these platforms by using a mobile device. The report also identified significant differences in gender, with more than 73 percent of adult women saying that they respond to online ads when social media is involved. 

These kinds of statistics are not trivial. The report cited the 2013 Super Bowl's use of hashtags in campaigns as an illustration of the increasing boon this is proving to businesses, with a supposed jump in mentions of ads on Twitter by more than 270 percent.

Local business internet marketing can be just as successfully impacted by such implementations. Users can be more willing than you might suspect to share and interact with campaigns, and Key Media Solutions can help design marketing plans that allow companies to best achieve this kind of relationship with their customer base.