With Facebook's initial public offering hitting Wall Street today, the financial future of the social media site is up for grabs. But, what is certain is the incredible effect that the website has had on online marketing. When it comes to small business internet marketing, Facebook can either be a company's best friend or worst enemy. But, a May 14 Inc. Magazine article has stipulated a few trade secrets for businesses looking to benefit from advertising on the incredibly popular website.

The news source recommends that companies place more emphasis on managing their ads rather than bids. Facebook advertising is built on "click-through rates," which get the best placement. Because companies are, basically, reaching the same audience every day, multiple times per day, they may need to switch up the creative side of their advertising schemes every five to seven days. Without this level of variety, users will most likely start to ignore ads.

Furthermore, because the top activity that users do on Facebook is look at photos, these consumers are especially enabled to scan and critique pictures.This makes a business' thumbnail that much more important. Inc suggests that the more a company's ad resembles natural Facebook content, the more likely a user will stop at your ad, enticing them to click it. This goes back to the importance of the creative content and design of a company's digital marketing campaign, especially as Facebook is based on click rates.

Furthermore, Inc stresses the importance of less being more. The shorter an ad the better, as Facebook is posed for quick and easy access to information, rather than lengthy blocks of content that may take effort on the consumer's part to digest. By keeping ads to a few two or three word phrases, companies can get their point across in a quick and simple way.