As far as internet marketing for small businesses go, there is one established platform and one burgeoning venue. Google has become the go-to source for many individuals' search engine and internet activity, making it an excellent area to implement marketing campaigns and attract potential customers not only with banner advertising, but also with their own Google search results. But, digital video advertising is slowly becoming a key venue for companies to purchase advertising space.

For example, media consultancy BIA/Kelsey, studied the analytics of digital video advertising around Dallas and predicts that the city's market is not only going to see an increase in local video display advertising spending in the key sectors – such as automotive, furniture, cable and satellite – but that spending in this area will nearly triple by 2016.

"Dallas businesses are still spending money on traditional media, but they are allocating an increasingly higher percentage of their advertising budgets to digital media," said Mark Fratrik, vice president and chief economist of BIA/Kelsey.

In addition to buying up digital video space to implement targeted internet marketing campaigns, companies may want to consider a few practices that can help increase their Google search results, according to Inc. Magazine.

The source recommends that businesses revamp their website to not only contain new content, but content that individuals may find worth sharing. This will cause individuals and companies within the market to start generating buzz, thus increasing search rankings. In addition, it may be important for these companies to consistently update their site with new content in order to maintain their online presence.

Whichever method a small business chooses for its targeted internet marketing campaigns, it can ensure a greater degree of success if it partners with an experienced digital advertising agency to assist with these initiatives.