One of the most effective ways to keep clients happy and to broaden your customer base is to integrate new technology into your marketing efforts. After all, the amount of consumers with smartphones is staggering. Mobile advertising can be a great way to increase sales and let people become acquainted with your brand. However, creating an effective campaign entails more than just publishing a few ads. It means following the steps below from marketing website iMediaConnection, so you not only capture the user’s attention, but engage them as well:

1) Get the user’s attention

Let’s face it, people are visual creatures. The likelihood of a person clicking on an ad that contains only words is very slim. Remember to make your mobile advertisement visually appealing. Use high-quality photos and remember that the phrase “quality over quantity” reigns true here.

2) Make sure your ads are locally based if possible

If you want to boost sales for your small business (SMB), then direct the user to the nearest store where you sell your product or service. According to iMedia, more than 10 percent of consumers will search local stores that may offer an item that was advertised on their mobile device. You may also want to consider including a store locater function in your ad.

3) Engage readers

One way to capture a consumer’s attention is to include games in your mobile advertisement. Doing so gets a user emotionally involved and it allows you, the SMB owner, to introduce the product or service you are selling in an enticing way. Don’t believe this? iMedia reported that after playing a game, people were twice as likely to find a store close to them and begin shopping.

If you want to learn more about how mobile marketing can increase your SMB profits, then what are you waiting for? Consider contacting and working with internet advertising agencies that understand your company’s goals, can generate ideas and create effective ads.