For many people, online exploration and discovery is not an individual activity. Web users share content – from funny tweets to interesting ads – with their family and friends. To increase brand awareness and generate sales, marketers and small business owners must figure out what types of ads and videos people share the most and why. 

StatPro recently published an infographic that explores the types of consumers who are likely to repost materials found online and placed them in the following categories: 

  • Altruist – Exclusive email users that like to disburse what they consider to be thoughtful information. 
  • Boomerang – They share content in order to generate a reaction. When peers praise or agree with them, the boomerang feels validated. 
  • Careerist – Professionals who use LinkedIn as their main information sharing platform.
  • Connector – Creative individuals who use social media to organize their offline social lives.
  • Hipster – Young, creative people who are less likely than others to use email to share content. 
  • Selective – An equal social media and email user, the selective is careful about the types of information that he or she shows to others. 

According to the infographic, the reasons why individuals share content include entertainment, promoting causes and building and strengthening relationships.

A video or ad that has been shared has an invisible stamp of approval. When a consumer sees that their peers like a piece of content, they can assume that there's something valuable about it. 

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