When planning a targeted internet marketing campaign, like a direct marketing email or social media campaign, one of the most important things to keep in mind is whether or not your messages prompt a call to action.

"The call to action in your marketing materials – whether on a printed flyer or in an email campaign – is one of the most important elements in a campaign," explains Tara Horner in a recent article for MarketingProfs.com. "If you do not include a solid call to action, you are not telling your customers the next step they need to take. And just as important, without a call to action, your marketing materials fail to create a sense of urgency. When your audience is left with no direction and no urgency, you'll probably receive little or no return on your investment."

But, how can you make your message more engaging? And, how can you ensure that it will spur action among its readers? 

First, it's important to always open with a hook – a first sentence or paragraph that is attention-grabbing. Using quotes, statistics or other vivid language are great ways to begin, and will help you with getting people to click and read the full story. Don't forget the importance of your title, either, particularly for email messages.

In addition, make sure that your message contains all active verbs, as opposed to passive. For example, an active sentence reads: "Buy this product." A passive, however, is neither as direct nor lively: "The product is bought." By making these small changes, your text will read more smoothly, be more engaging and result in action.

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